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5 Best Places To Visit Near Sudong For An Extraordinary Holiday Experience

A residential area in Singapore, you will find a number of places to visit near Sudong. Fort Siloso and Sentosa Island are two of the places to visit near Sudong. Singapore Zoo is where you will find a wide variety of animals and it can be visited when near Sudong.

If you are traveling without kids, you could visit Chinatown.  So, you can check it out on your trip to the park and the zoo. Sentosa is a world-famous party destination with a splendid beach on board. Fort Siloso, on the other hand, was the place that was built to protect Singapore from sea-based attacks and invasion. If it is spices and Satin weave fabric that you are looking for, visit Chinatown where you can haggle to your heart’s content. 

There are a number of places to visit in and around Sudong. While the list can be elongated further, it is only logical to keep it short since there are a number of other places to visit in Singapore:

1. Fort Siloso

Cannons at display in Fort Siloso – One of the coastal historical places in India

Fort Siloso was one of the three forts made to defend Singapore from sea invasion, in the 19th century. Being the only preserved coastal defense fort, it has now emerged as one of the most popular historical sites in Singapore with a rich memorabilia World War II era arms, and other military tunnels and structures.

There are very enriching interactive tours and sessions which impart fun facts and intricate details about the wars and pre-wars strategies.

Note: Dont miss out the Surrender Chambers, which shows the journey of Singapore through British and Japan surrender, with commentaries.

Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm
Entry fee:

  • Surrender Chambers: $ 6 for adults and $ 4.5 for children
  • Guided Tours: $ 20 for adults and $ 15 for children


Historical places in Singapore with religious importance

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2. Sentosa Island


If solo travel in Singapore, then don’t miss the major attraction of Singapore- Sentosa Island. This theme park built on the island south of Singapore linked by the road, the best way to reach here is by cable car. The journey starts from Faber Peak and takes you to this island and one explore the island having enough time. You can spend the entire day and watch parrot show, stroll the spice garden, and relax on the man-made beach. For a solo traveller, this is the perfect island to explore.

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3. Chinatown


This market area is one of the most fascinating and best shopping places in Singapore for those on a budget. It is certainly a great place to buy spices, souvenirs, and clothes since all the shops across the road sell it at throwaway prices. Also, you can heartily bargain here until you feel satisfied with your buy!

Timings: While some stores stay open till 6 PM, some close late in the night by 11 PM.

Popular Things To Buy In Singapore For Tourists:

  • Satin Chinese style robes
  • Spices
  • Souvenirs

Popular Stores In Chinatown:

  • Ann Siang Road
  • Books Actually
  • Chinatown Point & Singapore Handicraft Center

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4. Mount Faber


This 105 meters tall high is also known to be a major tourist location because of the beauty that surrounds this place. You can enjoy the view of a mural wall while you’re uphill, thus adding to your experience. Mount Faber is covered with a secondary rainforest that houses a wide range of flora and fauna. Coming to trees, you can get to witness Rhododendrons, Alstonia, Red Flame, and Arenga Palms while you’re planning your trip to Mount Faber. This place is truly a bliss for nature lovers along with being a picturesque location.
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5. Imbiah Hill


There are about 11 major tourist locations that are housed by Imbiah Hill which is the most in the whole region of Sentosa. It stands at a height of 110 meters and can let you have a mesmerizing yet panoramic view of the city of Singapore along with nearby islands. Apart from this, Imbiah Hill is going to be your dream location if you have a soft place for butterflies and other insects as there is the Butterfly Park and the Insect Kingdom located over here. You must bring a camera along if you’re going to visit this part of Singapore. However, make sure that photography is allowed in a particular region before you bring your gear out.
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These were the best places to visit near Sudong on your trip to Singapore. While there cannot be enough time on a trip to explore every nook and cranny of Singapore, you will be able to enjoy your vacation a lot better if you visit these places. Of course, this does not mean you exclude the important ones.

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5 Incredible Restaurants In Benoi Sector That Will Take Your Breath Away

Benoi Sector is a melting pot of cuisines. The restaurants in Benoi Sector serve dishes from all over the world. If you’re craving for comfort food from native city, you don’t have to make a fuss about it. You will easily find a restaurant that serves the cuisine you’re craving for. You will find a lot of Indian, Malay, Indonesian and Chinese influences in Singaporean food. Singaporean cuisine actually has a lot of borrowed elements. It is a mix of spicy and sweet. Singaporean food will assault all your senses. If you’re a local Singaporean, you’ve grown up around food that is borrowed from different cultures. You can be a broke student or an affluent businessman and still buy food from hawkers. Hawkers are very famous in Benoi Sector. You will find one within every 500 metres. Hawkers specialise in finger food. The shopping centres in Benoi Sector that serve different world cuisines are ancient. So apart from getting tasty food, you also score a lesson in history. Food with a view? Yes, please!

If you’re in Benoi Sector on a vacation, there’s no reason for you not to step out and embark on a culinary journey. Benoi Sector is home to a huge number of hole-in-the-wall restaurants and neo-bars. If you want to dine like a local, refer to our list of places to eat in Benoi Sector. We promise you won’t be disappointed and will have a blast eating out in these places. You’re in for a treat, we assure you. Make sure to try Bak Kut Teh on your culinary trip. It has been around in Singapore since time immemorial. It truly deserves its recognition as a simple, humble dish. There are other dishes too that deserve your attention right away. Let’s take a look at them.

We have rounded up a comprehensive list of 5 restaurants in Benoi Sector where you can dine like a king. Make sure to invite your friends and family along. Also, try as much of Singaporean food as you can. The sights and smells of Singaporean cuisine is calling you? What are you waiting for? Hog on some Wanton Mee and forget all your worries. This Singapore wanton noodle dish was probably influenced by Hong Kong cuisine, but has become entrenched in Singaporean culture.

1. Primadeli



With its Takeaway Only option, PrimaDeli is a famous bakery in the Pasir Ris area of Singapore. It doesn’t have seating area still remains rushed for desserts and bakes sold to the foodies. It is popular for preparing highly delicious fresh-baked light food items. Its finest quality pastries, buns, bread, and cakes are a popular name in Singapore today. Ever since it was launched in 1992, it has emerged as the country’s longest-running food franchise.

Must Try: Crispy Pastries, Chunky Fillings, Light Cakes
Location: 625 Pasir Ris Drive 3, 01-326 Elias Mall 510625, Singapore
Cuisine: Bakery
Cost for Two: INR 3096/-
Zomato Rating: 3/5

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2. Georges



Do not give Ootoya a miss if you are looking for the best restaurants in Clementi that serve authentic Japanese cuisine. Instead of regular sushi, this establishment serves a traditional Japanese meal called Teishoku that comprises pickles, miso soup, main dish, and rice.

Just like the purpose of the Teishoku meal, Ootoya also aims to provide a scrumptious yet well-balanced diet for your meals. Their dishes not only have fresh and nutritious vegetables as their ingredients but are also delicious and a great option if you wish to have a fun time over some healthy food with your friends and family.

Specialties: Karaage, Saba, Tori Kurozu, Katsu Don
Address: #03-53 The Clementi Mall, 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, 129588
Contact: +65 66592644

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4. Restoran Tian Lai



Restoran Tian Lai is one such restaurant which has gained massive popularity over the years. It is one of the most popular restaurants among the local crowd and is crowded on most days of the week. The highly recommended dishes which one must try at this restaurant are steamed Ikan Patin which is served with assorted vegetables, Curry Pork Ribs, Hot Plate Tofu, Chili Crab, Sambal Kang Kong, among several others. In spite of having a huge number of diners, the service here is exceptionally good and the prices are reasonable as well.

Location: 158 Jalan Ulu Choh, Gelang Patah 81550, Malaysia, 50 minutes drive from Geylang, Singapore
Cost for two: INR 6,300
TripAdvisor/Zomato rating: 3.5
TripAdvisor/Zomato reviews

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5. Trapizza



If biting into authentic Italian thin-crust pizza and lip-smacking pastas with a view of the sea is your idea of a perfect meal, Trapizza is the place to visit. With tables right on the beach, excellent service and great wine, its one of those Italian restaurants in Sentosa which youll surely want to revisit. Not just the wood-fired pizzas, but also the other seafood dishes like the risotto are cooked till perfection.

Openings Hours: 11 AM – 12 PM
Cuisines: Italian and European
Location: Shangri-La Rasa Resort & Spa, Siloso Beach, Sentosa

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The Singapore version of Wanton Mee is probably the best we have ever had. It is eaten ‘dry’, drenched with some light sweet sauce, slices of pork char siew and wonton dumplings filled with pork. Just thinking about it makes our mouth water. Make sure to book your trip to Singapore at the earliest with TravelTriangle and avail exciting deals and discounts. The staff at the aforementioned restaurants in Benoi Sector will make sure you have the time of your life. Are you ready to embark on the greatest culinary adventure of your life? Pack your bags and set off to Singapore.

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5 Postcard-Perfect Islands Near Orchard Road In Singapore That You Must Visit

The islands near Orchard Road in Singapore are akin to paradise on Earth. If you’re seeking waves to surf on, sun to bathe under or adventure activities worth pursuing, look no further than these beautiful regions. These islands are slowly yet consistently transforming into tourist hotspots. They are popular among not only foreigners but also locals. Most of the Singaporean locals spend their weekends at these destinations. The lush and dramatically beautiful islands truly add to the charm of Singapore. You would never have guessed that these islands are every traveler’s favourite, considering they’re relatively unknown. You have to visit them to believe it. These islands are also a perfect retreat for honeymooners. You can put your feet up and drink a beverage with your significant other while eating some pasta. These island vacations will not cost you a bomb. They are travel friendly and you will find warm locals there who are more than willing to help you find out some offbeat places to chill at. What else could you want from life?

If you don’t want to stay at a bustling resort, you can choose to stay at a homestay or a shack. You will have a great time. The owners of the homestays are sweet and will be more than accommodating for your needs and requirements. You’ll find plenty of postcard-worthy beaches, intimate boutique hotels and yoga retreats. Swimming with stingrays and dolphins, diving, snorkeling, and fishing are some of the most popular activities in the warm, clear waters. Most of the attractions are within driving distance of these islands. We promise you’re in for a treat. You will have a blast and will not be disappointed by anything that these islands offer Are you ready for the greatest time of your life?

We have shortlisted 5 islands near Orchard Road which exude surreal natural beauty. The luminous blue waters that surround them add to the charm of these islands. If slipping into the crystal-clear, soul-warming sea is a top criteria for your perfect tropical vacation, these are your go-to places. We ensure that you will have fun. If you’re a beach bum, gather your friends and book your flights in the off season to spend less money on accommodation and flights and more money on adventure-inducing activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, diving, fishing and more.

1. Kusu Island



The Kusu islands are one of the many beautiful southern islands located in Singapore. Kusu actually means Tortoise or turtle in Mandarin. The island here is named as Pulao Tembakul or Peak Island in Malay. The island that you see was enlarged and then it was made into an island resort which sprawled out for a heavy 85,000 meters. Here you can go to pay your offerings at the popular Chinese temple known as Tua Pek Kong or Da Bo Gong. They house two main deities namely: The Guan Yin and the DA Bo Gong. After paying your respects, you can head out for swimming on the soothing island waters or maybe opting a picnic with your friends.

Location: Kusu Island, Singapore, 00074.

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2. St Johns Island


St. John Island is just the perfect place to relax, chill and unwind. Formerly known as Pulau Sakijang Bendera, this island was once the rehabilitation centres for those suffering from critical ailments. Presently, its clean lagoons, azure sea and beaches have made the place rank highly in the Singapore islands day trip list.

Time to reach from Singapore city: 20 minutes
Things to do: Swimming in the lagoon, jungle biking, and beach picnic
Places to stay: Perfect for a day trip, people generally return from St. John island the same day and stay at their desired hotel in Singapore. Adventure loving souls and honeymoon couples can book beach villas, to enjoy thrilling and romantic ambience in the island after sunset.

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3. Lazarus Island


Another island near Singapore is Lazarus thats located just a short distance away. Its one of the top beach islands near Singapore with its white sands and tropical jungle in the backdrop.

How to reach Lazarus Island: Like most of the places weve listed here, you can get to Lazarus Island near Singapore by ferry

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4. Pulau Ubin



Simply known as Ubin, Pulau Ubin is a popular island of the world situated in the northeast Singapore. Blessed with an abundance of the natural flora and fauna, this island is home to about a hundred villages. A day visit to this island will take you away from the hustle of your daily lives to offer you a great time while walking or pedaling through the rustic roads under the green coconut palms to discover great shady trails in the overgrown rubber plantations. You will enjoy seeing secluded beaches and lush green mangroves there.

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5. Sentosa Island



If you have had enough of the bustling city and want to take a quick getaway to the land of picturesque views and breathtaking surroundings, visit the Sentosa Island resort. Located on the southern coast, it features a mesmerizing Palawan beach which has numerous bars and food stall lines by. This beach is world famous for its soft sand, turquoise colored water and clear blue sky backed by sun glinting hills in the background. The perfectly lined up palms shadow the rock beneath which glorifies the nature artistic creativity even more. The resort provides with facilities like beach loungers and colorful giant umbrellas. All you have to do is lie down, and enjoy the sunbath!

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If you’re dreaming of luxury resorts and sandy beaches, make sure to explore these islands near Orchard Road. These destinations are a must-visit on your trip to Singapore. You will have loads of fun here. These islands can be best enjoyed during the months of November to April. Plan your trip to Singapore at the earliest with TravelTriangle to avail exciting deals and discounts. Are you ready for adventure? Put on your snorkeling suit and go underwater to find solitude. We assure you that you’ll experience zen there. We aren’t kidding. Check it out for yourself.

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4 Pubs In Mauritius To Drink, Dance, And Repeat!

Mauritius is an island country which is known for its white-sandy beaches, tropical settings and crystal clear ocean water which makes a perfect place to laze around. But apart from this, the island is also known for its electrifying nightlife which starts just as the sun goes down. The bars and pubs in Mauritius ensure that the visitors don’t get disheartened. With fancy interiors and serene locations, these places make a great location to groove till the dawn. Along with quirky seating areas, these pubs also serve delicious food and drinks to dance all night long.

If you don’t know where to go and spend a relaxing time having a drink, make sure to visit one of these 4 pubs in Mauritius and enjoy the nightlife.

1. Keg and Marlin

Kim Mauritius

Situated just opposite the Le Caudan waterfront, the Keg and Marlin is one of the hippest pubs in Mauritius. Located at the harbour area of Port Louis, this place is a perfect retreat for the party lovers. Just as the sun sets, the visitors can enjoy a surreal view of the ocean sitting on the patio. With an interior resembling an old English pub, this enlightening place features live music on every Saturday and Sunday.

Location: Le Caudan WaterFront, 11306, Mauritius, Port Louis, Mauritius
Timings: 11AM-10PM

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2. The Irish Pub & Restaurant

Irish Pub

The first Irish pub to be opened in Mauritius, this place justifies the world-class standards and fine-dining experience. The Irish Pub is not like any other pubs in Mauritius but it actually makes the food experience worth remembering for its visitors. Host of the some of the finest parties in the town, this pub cum restaurant gives an ultimate food experience while on the island.

Location: Quatre Bornes, Mauritius
Timings: 11AM-12AM (Mon-Sun), 11AM-2AM (Fri & Sat)

3. Shotz

Shotz Mauritius

Shotz is a bar and night lounge which makes a great place to drink and dance all night. After a day on the beach, people can experience the nightlife of the island by crashing at this bar in Mauritius. This hyped bar is located at the Oasis complex in the west coast of Flic N Flac village. Its open-terrace seating, regular DJ nights and overexcited crowd makes this bar one of the fanciest places in town.

Location: Coastal Rd, Flic en Flac, Mauritius
Timings: 8AM-6PM (Sunday Closed)

4. Lambic For Your Undying Love Of Beer


If you have a blind, undying love for beer, then Lambic is the place for you. Stocked in a 19th century colonial warehouse, Lambic is gastro pub known for its fresh brews. Lambic boasts of around 70 unique freshly brewed beers. Craft beers include specialties from Belgium, Newark, America, Napa, Germany and Portugal. The ever cheerful atmosphere is enhanced by the fun beer games. Most of the gentry here will be expats and locals. A tasteful music will never make the lull in your conversation seem awkward. The outside patio, right under the mango trees, sees many people having a chilled drink after a tedious work day. Lambic has slowly but surely emerged out as one of the best Mauritian nightclubs to enjoy your evenings.

Opening hours: 8 am till wee hours of the night; every day except Sundays.
Location: At. George Street, Port Louis, North Mauritius

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Make sure to tick off as much of all these pubs in Mauritius and enjoy the thrill of partying at this secluded island country. Let the vacation in Mauritius become a memorable trip for you which you can remember throughout your life.

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Bali Shopping Guide: Your On-Hand Adviser To Best Shopping Experience In Bali

Problem: The 7 day itinerary of your Bali trip doesn’t specify the best places to shop!

Solution: Chuck the itinerary! Refer to our nifty Bali shopping guide and head to the best malls and markets in this tourist haven.

No shopping trips, are no good trips! Ask the women in the house, and all you’ll hear is a unanimous YES. From local knick knacks to couture, Bali offers ample choice to shoppers of all kinds.

Places that command top spots in any Bali shopping guide.

1. Kuta Beachwalk

Kuta Beachwalk is the newest addition to Bali shopping centers

The newest addition to Kutas leisure spends is Kuta Beachwalk. It resembles a high-end shopping mall in Bali but with a unique design. The striking complex boasts of numerous shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, brands and franchises and a parking facility for over 1000 vehicles. Stretched on 3.7 hectares of land, this place is perfect for best shopping in Bali for your complete family.

Closed On: Open 7 days a week
Timings: 10 am 10 pm
Is it kids friendly- Yes. It has Play Zone, Water Play, The Amazing Walk and day care facilities to hold a childs interest. Also, Early Learning Centre, Gingersnaps and Playskool, among others, offer fine quality of imported toys and apparels.
Location: Jalan Pantai Kuta, Kuta

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2. Celuk Village

The intricate craftsmanship on silver in Celuk Village the best shopping place in Bali for girls

One place that will surely hold the heart of every lady, is the Celuk Village. Rated among the best shopping places in Bali, it is known for fine gold and silver jewellery and handmade exquisite designs. Beautiful rings, bangles, chokers, earrings, hairpins, head gears, brooches and many more accessories of high quality and elaborate designs decorate the shops of this village. Dont miss out on pearl jewelry.

Closed On: Open 7 days a week
Timings: After noon
Is it kids friendly- Nothing to catch the attention of the kids.
Location: 5 km from Denpasar
Tip: Start bargaining with half the price displayed on the price tag.

3. Monkey Forest Road

Monkey Forest Road is the best for street side shopping experience in Bali

Monkey Forest Road is the place where you can experience street-side shopping in Bali. Both the sides of the street are decked with amazing shops and delicious-smelling restaurants and cafes. The showcases of antiques, curios and paintings are so engaging that you might feel a certain calmness and contentment here.

Closed On: Open 7 days a week
Timings: 9 am 9 pm
Is it kids friendly- Surely, the famous Monkey Forest and its mementos can indulge a child. A stuffed grey long-tailed Macaques will make your childs day.
Location: Ubud Monkey Forest, Padangtegal Village

4. Jenggala

Jenggala Keramik is an exclusive shopping center in Bali for ceramics and tableware

Jenggala Keramik is the place for you if you are a ceramic lover. The boutique is a famous one among best shopping spots in Bali. The collection is rich and colorful, and the quality of pottery and glassware can beat any high-end international brands products with ease. Tableware, chopsticks, cutleries and linen are some of the things which you would not be able to resist.

Closed On: Open 7 days a week
Timings: 8 am 8 pm
Is it kids friendly- Kids can partake in various Paint-a-pot workshops here and have fun.
Location: Jalan Uluwatu, Jimbaran

Planning your holiday in Bali but confused about what to do? These Bali travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

5. Kuta Square

Kuta Square is one of the best Bali shopping centers

For boulevard style shopping in Bali, Kuta square is the destination. From local brands to international collections, the place is well-endowed to cate to your every whim. Restaurants, bistros, hypermarkets, fashion stores, couture boutiques the possibilities at this shopping place in Bali are endless.

Closed On: None
Timings: 9 am 10 pm
Is it kids friendly- Yes, special kid zone is one of the main attractions.
Location: Jalan Bakungsari No 1, Kuta

Know your way to art hubs around – the best ones to make it to our Bali shopping guide.

Know your way to art hubs around – the best ones to make it to our Bali shopping guide.

6. Ubud Art Market

Colorful displays at Ubud Art Market

The Ubud Art Market is the most visited shopping center in Bali. The eastside of the market has all forms of groceries known to a man, while the west side the art market offers the best of traditionally designed clothes shopping in Bali. The colorful silk scarves, tropical shirts, woven bags, handmade jholas, straw hats, picnic baskets, and statues are some of the best buys at this famous shopping hub.

Closed On: Saka New Year only
Timings: 8 am 5 pm
Is it kids friendly- Yes, kids will love the kites, tropical design clothes and straw toys here.
Location: Jalan Raya Ubud, Main Road

7. Sukawati Art Market

Beautiful sculptures at display on Sukawati Art Market

The first name to pop up when you think art shopping in Bali is Sukawati Art Market. It is an entire village famous for its talented lot of traditional artists like sculptors, painters and dancers. Bargain hard to get best buys of Garuda sculptors, Kamasan-style paintings, finely made hangings, decorative curios, traditional figurines and much more.

Closed On: Open 7 days a week
Timings: 8 am to 7 pm
Is it kids friendly- Yes, motif shirts and handmade toys for the kids.
Location: Jalan Raya Sukawati, Gianyar

8. Tegallalang ‘Handicrafts Village’

Tegallalang Handicraft Village is one of the best Bali shopping centers

The best shopping place in Bali for softwood figures is the Tegallalang village of handicrafts. Its stretch of 12 km is adorned with shops and kiosks selling colorful painted flowers, bright signboards, artificial fruits, and all sorts of animal figures.

Closed On: Open 7 days a week
Timings: 8 am 10 pm
Is it kids friendly- Yes, brightly colored figures make this a happy place for kids.
Location: Starts from Jalan Raya Andong and carries all the way to Jalan Tegallalang

Markets that are abuzz all night.

Markets that are abuzz all night.

9. Badung Market

Badung Market is the largest traditional shopping place in Bali

Next on our Bali shopping guide is the islands largest traditional market, Badung Market or Pasar Badung. This market, along with Kumbasari Art market is rgarded as one of the best shopping centers in Bali. Head to Badung to get the best fresh produce, and to Kumbasari for an extensive variety including batik clothing, Ikat weave clothes, wooden carvings, contemporary paintings, artful jewelry and such. Its the best shopping area in Bali to buy souvenirs.

Closed On: Open 7 days a week
Timings: 12 pm 12 am
Is it kids friendly- Yes, its a heaven for kids with all the collection of toys and clothes.
Location: Jalan Gajah Mada, Denpasar

10. Kereneng Night Market

Kereneng Pasar is the second largest traditional shopping center in Bali

Pasar Kereneng is the second largest traditional market in the region. You will find thousands of vendors selling popular items like batik clothes, metal handicrafts, traditional kitchen utensils, farming tools, groceries and fresh produces. The food stalls here serve deliciously mouth-watering Nasi Babi Guling a famous Balinese dish, and Nasi Campur a variety of Javanese cuisine.

Closed On: Open 7 days a week
Timings: 6 pm 2 am
Is it kids friendly- Yes, you may find dandy propellers, bubble blowers and other simple toys are available here.
Location: Jalan Kamboja, East Denpasar

So, now since you have a fair idea of best shopping places in Bali, let us know which one calls you the most. And if you have any special experiences of these places, don’t hesitate to share us.

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5 Great Restaurants Near Henderson Waves To Enjoy A Tasty Meal In Singapore

Does food drives your soul? If it does then I’m guessing you love to travel too, and not just limit yourself to a few cuisines and flavors! And if you are still reading then here is a suggestion for a summer break. Take a food trip to one of the most frequented countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore. Singapore is an amazing travel destination and there is no better time to be there. It has great tourist attractions and amazing recreational spots. The experiences this country offers are truly unique and for all age groups. But here we have mainly focused on food, and listed below are some restaurants near Henderson Waves, that connects Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park. Do add these places to your list if you are in the neighborhood!

Henderson Wave is one of the most popular places to visit in Singapore. It is the highest pedestrian bridge here and visited by locals and tourists alike. One can explore this attraction as a part of a walking tour in Singapore. And after the long and exciting walk, you would definitely be hungry. So, here are the best restaurants available in the vicinity. Read on, to know the best places to eat at, when in Singapore.

If you are wondering about what special Singapore would offer to you in terms of food, then Singapore is a melting pot of cuisines and cultures. Here you would find everything belonging to everywhere. It is rightfully called the place where the east meets the west and has influences of both Asian and European flavors. Other cultures and influences present here are of the Malay, Indian, Chinese, and Indonesian. And the culture and traditions are reflected in the form of food and flavors. Unlike other Asian countries, which are either noodles or rice dominant, Singapore is driven by both equally. The staple food is rice, noodles, and seafood in Singapore. Read on, to know the best eating places here.

Best time to visit Singapore

Singapore is a favorite destination with tourists all across the globe, making a few months extremely crowded here. If you do not want to take a trip during these months, then skip visiting the place in December, January, and June. They are also the most expensive months to travel to Singapore. One can head to Singapore in between February to April. It is a great time to grab better and cheaper deals on accommodations and flights. It is also advised to pack light so that you can get back a lot more in the form of experiences! Pack light clothing and do not forget to keep comfortable footwear!

Here are the best restaurants close to Henderson Waves. Add them to your list and check them out if you are in the neighborhood.

1. Lots Gourmet


Lots Gourmet is the most sought after restaurant in Pasir Ris for casual dining. It is always thronged by the food lovers looking to taste variety of breakfasts and burgers. It also facilitates takeaway options besides having sufficient outdoor seating arrangement. Family diners love to taste its food varieties. Due to its kid-friendly environment, it always remains packed by the families. This restaurant is also popular amongst the locals and tourists seeking best coffees, Turkish Pide Bread and Eggs Benedict.

Must Try: Brunch, Burgers, Coffee, Turkish Pide Bread, Eggs Benedict
Location: 965A Upper Changi Road 507665 Singapore
Cuisine: Café, Casual Dining, Burger, Sandwich, Fast Food, Bar, Barbecue, Pub
Cost for Two: INR 1270/-
Zomato Rating: 4/5

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2. Porta Porta Italian Restaurant



As Porta Porta Italian Restaurant has become a landmark in Pasir Ris area of Singapore today, it is recommended to book a table well in advance to taste the great dishes from Italian cuisine. This restaurant serves authentic Italian recipes besides serving variety of wines in its Full Bar.mThis restaurant is indeed considered one of the best options for a fine-dining experience.

Must Try: Tiramisu, Seafood Spaghetti, Roast Lamb, Spaghetti Vongole
Location: 971 Upper Changi Road 507668, Singapore
Cuisine: Italian
Cost for Two: INR 620/-
Zomato Rating: 3.5/5

3. Aji-ichi Restaurant



This restaurant is located in one of the famous locations in Kallang which is the Kallang Wave Mall. The aim of this restaurant is to serve quality food at highly affordable rates. This concept was developed by the Aston group to attract diners of every class to try out the pocket-friendly dishes served here. Traditional dishes from the Japanese cuisine are served here and all the authentic ingredients used here to curate a dish is imported from Japan. All the delicacies are freshly prepared and are served in a classy yet simple setting. The signature dishes of this restaurant which impresses every gastronome are Lemon Lime Chicken, Prime Steer Ribeye, Grilled Fish with Herbs and Ieat Super Burger.

Location: #02-01 Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Pl, Kallang, Singapore-397628
Cost for two: INR 2,000
TripAdvisor rating: 3.5
TripAdvisor reviews

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4. Wheeler



This is one of the most well-known Seletar Aerospace restaurants. Seletar Aerospace park was formerly a British Military Airbase which was later converted into a mystical space featuring exciting avenues. Wheeler’s Estate is one such place inside this park which offers a unique experience of rustic dining. The interiors of this Seletar restaurant cum bar is kept minimal with a simplistic touch. The location of this restaurant is what makes it stand out among its competitors. It is surrounded with lush greenery and picturesque views which adds a charm to the entire place.

Location: 2 Park Lane, Seletar Aerospace Park, Seletar, Singapore – 798386
Cost for two: INR 4,200
TripAdvisor rating: 3.0
TripAdvisor reviews

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5. Jerry



Established in 1994, Jerry’s Barbeque & Grill is an all American Barbeque restaurant which specializes in serving Memphis style wet barbeque which is a dominant style of barbeque cooking in America. The interesting menu of this restaurant includes delicious options of comfort food such as Deep Fried Mushrooms, Hot Buffalo Wings, Fish Grills among many other American cuisine delicacies. It is the best neighborhood restaurants in the region with friendly staff who serve amazing dishes at affordable rates. The food portions served here is pretty large and quite filling. The restaurant is set up in a casual theme which can be enjoyed by guests of all age groups.

Location: 277 Jalan Kayu, Seletar, Singapore – 799505
Cost for two: INR 4,200
TripAdvisor rating: 4.0
TripAdvisor reviews

Excited to take a trip to the country already? Book a trip to Singapore soon with TravelTriangle and have a great time enjoying the culinary scenes here. Also, do not forget to add these amazing restaurants near Henderson Waves to your list. Do write to us about your food experience there!

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4 Awesome Restaurants Near Kusu Island To Eat At When In Singapore

Singapore is an urban city-scape situated off the southern coast of Malaysia between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. It is a top favorite with travelers all across the globe owing to the experiences it offers. The island state has a temperate climate throughout the year, which is usually warm and comfortable to explore the place. There are a few southern islands too in Singapore that one can head to during the vacay. One of the southern islands in Singapore is Kusu Island, and here are some restaurants near Kusu Island that one should try during the trip.

Located around 5.6 km off the main island, the Kusu Island has a legend attached to its origin and it is said that a tortoise changed itself into an island to save two sailors who were shipwrecked. The island has a famous Chinese temple that one can visit during their visit here. It is a pristine place to spend some quality time with one’s folks. The place is really tranquil and one can enjoy swimming in the clear water here and enjoy picnics by the sea. For more solid food options, here is a list of restaurants near Kusu Island. Read on, to know more about Singapore food.

Singapore is known for its tasty food which does not belong to one culture but is a melting pot. The country is known for its multiculturalism as it is home to various ethnicities. There are Singaporeans, Indians, Malay, Chinese, Eurasians, and more ethnicities present here. All of them come with their own unique food, flavors, and spices. And traveling to Singapore, one can enjoy all of these cuisines at a single place. The food scenes are quite vibrant and there are a lot of options that one can find in the country. Have a look at the restaurants near Kusu Island.

singapore mountbatten places nearby cover

Being an island nation, the country experiences a moderate climate and is usually warm throughout the year. Thus, there is no best time to visit, and one can head here at any time during the year. December and January are the busiest months in Singapore due to the festivity and if one wants to skip crowds then visiting in between February to April is a good time. Packing light cotton clothes, sunblock, and a pair of comfortable footwear for your Singapore trip is advised. Also, book a bit in advance to avoid expensive flights. One can also grab better deals on accommodation during these months, once the tourist crowd leaves.

The food that one finds in Singapore is influenced by the culture in the city-state. It borrows from various cultures, and unlike other Aisan countries which have either rice or noodles dominating the place, Singapore has both along with some delicious seafood. Have a look at the options available close to Kusu Island.

1. Rang Mahal



Established in 1971, Rag Mahal is one of the best fine dining Indian restaurants in Singapore. It serves Northern, Southern, & Coastal Indian cuisine and has won numerous awards for its service and culinary masterpieces.

Must Try: Quinoa Upma, Samarkand Prawns, & Tandoori Lobster

  • Cost for two: INR 2700 – INR 10000
  • Location: Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039595

Zomato Reviews

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2. Colony



One of the finest multi-cuisine buffet restaurants in Singapore, Colony offers eight different cuisines and live counters which include Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, and more. Although not a typical Indian restaurant, nonetheless, the food coming out of its Indian kitchen has won praise far and wide and thus we have included it in our list.

Must Try: Prawn Kali Mirch, Lassoni Lamb Steak, and assorted naans

  • Cost for two: Average INR 11000 (5500 per person)
  • Location: 7 Raffles Avenue, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, Singapore 039799

Zomato Reviews

3. The Cliff



A fantastic ambiance and a cheerful staff greet you at this lovely restaurant that offers views of the sea. The relaxed vibes put you at ease while the delectable food is a delight for the palate. Every member of the place makes the guests feel special and well looked after, which makes it one of the best Italian restaurants in Sentosa. The excellent seafood dishes and exotic Italian fare leave you satiated and ready to return for more at this wonderful restaurant.

Opening Hours: 12 PM – 10 PM (Sunday to Thursday); 12 PM – 10:30 PM (Friday to Saturday)
Cuisines: Italian and European
Location: 2 Bukit Manis Road, Sentosa

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4. Osia Steak & Seafood Grill



If you’re visiting the Resorts World, you must not miss the chance to visit one of the best Michelin-star Sentosa restaurants that offer a memorable fine dining experience. Osia will charm you with its excellent and well-presented food as well as friendly and efficient service. A modern open-kitchen & classy design set the perfect warm and inviting ambiance, while their signature flatbread tingles your taste buds.

Opening Hours: Daily, 12 PM – 2:30 PM; 6 PM – 10:30 PM
Cuisines: Australian, European, and Contemporary
Location: 26 Sentosa Gateway, Festive Walk, #02-140 & 141, Singapore

Can’t wait to pack your bags for the Singapore trip? Book a trip soon with TravelTriangle and have an amazing time at the beautiful island country and the southern islands there. Also, do not forget to add these restaurants near Kusu Island to your list! Have a great vacation!

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6 Restaurants Near Buddha Tooth Relic Temple And Museum In Singapore

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum is one of the most famous attractions in Singapore as it provides a memorable experience to everyone who visits this Buddhist Temple. You will find a number of restaurants near Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum where you can dine after you have visited the holy temple.

The temple is a hub of art and rich history of the Buddhist religion. The magnificent architecture of remarkable 5 storey temple will leave you impressed. Each floor in the temple has something unique to offer. There is a two-meter high golden stupa on the fourth floor which is the main attraction of the temple. The relic is also placed separately on the fourth floor. There is a pagoda on the roof which has got a prayer wheel. On the third floor, you will find 300 artifacts from all across the globe. The second floor is where the teahouse where you can relax and sip on rejuvenating tea after you have taken a tour inside the temple. It is advised that you book a tour well in advance because it is very much in demand. You are allowed to take photos even during the ceremonies. However, you should dress modestly if you are planning to visit the temple. Refrain from wearing off-shoulder tops capris, or any clothing that shows your skin. The temple has been constructed in the Mandala style and was made open to the public in 2002.

Here are some of the best restaurants near the temple that you can visit if you are in the vicinity or staying around.

1. On Rajah


21 On Rajah is a halal restaurant in Singapore. It is known for its fun, lively, and vibrant dining environment. It offers dishes coupled with the local favorites as well as South East Asian delights at pocket-friendly rates. This simple restaurant offers an engaging experience through its pure taste, flavor, and color, letting the customers attain pleasure from the best food varieties served.

Here, guests expect best of the services that are quite exclusive owing to the extreme level of staff politeness. Don’t forget to visit this famous restaurant while you are in this area.

Must Try: Nan, Slipper Lobster and Roast Beef
Location: 1 Jalan Rajah Days Hotel Singapore At Zhongshan Park, At Zhongshan Park, 329133, Singapore
Cuisine: Asian, Singaporean, Vegetarian Friendly, Halal
Cost for Two: ₹ 633/- – ₹ 2,250/-
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5

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2. Loy Kee Chicken Rice


One of the best restaurants in Novena, Singapore, Loy Kee Chicken Rice has been serving a long list of dishes to the guests since its inception. The restaurant has been welcoming ample gatherings to serve them casual dining option.

Offering a variety of dishes to the guests, this restaurant has something for each diner on the menu. Its culinary masters and chefs have the ability to create for you an unforgettable dining experience every time you visit here.

Must Try: Boon Tong Kee, Chicken Pie, Rice
Location: 342 Balestier Road, 329774, Singapore
Cuisine: Chinese, Asian, Singaporean
Cost for Two: ₹ 352/- – ₹ 703/-
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5

3. Whampoa Food Center


The dynamic Whampoa Food Center thrills you with its innovative and authentic Singaporean cuisine dishes. Its lively and peaceful atmosphere always keeps the diners hooked. Apart from welcoming the guests in friendly and warm atmosphere, this restaurant is known for its joyful, colorful and nice décor.

Must Try: Rojak, Duck Rice, Local Salad
Location: Whampoa Drive, Singapore, Singapore
Cuisine: Asian, Singaporean
Cost for Two: ₹ 290/- – ₹ 1,168/-
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5

4. Da Luca Italian Restaurant


Are you willing to taste the authentic & hearty Italian cuisine recipes in far off Novena in Singapore? Opened since 2009, Da Luca Italian Restaurant could be your perfect choice to taste the great delicacies. This popular restaurant strives to offer the best of recipes to diners.

They feel as if they are in Italy when authentic recipes from Italy are served into their plate. This restaurant is indeed a great place to enjoy finest and yummy Italian recipes in Singapore.

Must Try: Angel Hair Pasta, Burrata, Truffle
Location: 1 Goldhill Plaza #01-1921 Goldhill Plaza, 308899, Singapore
Cuisine: Italian, European, Vegetarian Friendly
Cost for Two: ₹ 773/- – ₹ 2,389/-
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5

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5. Thai To Go Restaurant


Curators at Thai To Go Restaurant in Geylang aim at creating lip-smacking dishes at affordable prices. They want to make it accessible to every visitor and local in this part of Singapore. The in house chef at this Thai food restaurant in Geylang is an expert at blending all the traditional ingredients in such a way that the final dish turns out to be extremely delicious and unique. Authentic dishes from the Thai cuisine are served here which is loved by every diner.

Location: 391 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399789
Cost for two: INR 2,000

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6. Maxwell Food Centre

chinatown street food

It is not one of the restaurants near Buddha Tooth and Relic Temple but a place where you will find the hawkers selling delicious street food in Singapore. The place is conveniently located in Chinatown and has been there for more than 30 years. The food is so amazing that you might have to wait in a queue for some time to order. Try Singapore Hakka noodles and other local dishes. If you don’t wish for a fancy meal, this is a great place to have your meals.

Location: 1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184
Timings: 8 AM – 2 AM

If you are planning a holiday in Singapore, then you have to add this temple cum museum to your exciting itinerary. It takes you closer to Buddhism and teaches you a lot about the religion. If you get hungry after your sightseeing around, then you can visit these restaurants near Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum to kill your hunger pangs instantly and taste the authentic local cuisine.

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5 Phenomenal Restaurants Near Parkview Square In Singapore

From beaches, national parks, forests, marshy wetlands, shopping avenues, and much more, there’s no end to the tourist attractions one can check out in Singapore. One of these amazing places to explore here is the Parkview Square. An iconic, imposing, and brilliant art deco building situated on the North Bridge Road near Kampong Glam and Bugis Junction, Parkview Square is among the most beautiful and expensive buildings in Singapore. Owing to its resemblance to Gotham City in the fictional DC comics, it is also sometimes called the Gotham Square! There are various shopping arcades, markets, tourist attractions, as well as restaurants near Parkview Square that you can explore while on your trip to Singapore. When you’re done exploring the lavish interiors and artistic exteriors of this tall structure, you can head to these diners and restaurants for a delightful culinary experience.

people walking towards Esplanade

Though Singapore is a year-round destination with a pleasant climate in every season more or less, it is still advised to avoid visiting this city-state during the peak tourist season. The peak season is essentially marked by armies of annoying tourist crowds and high prices of accommodation. So, if you yearn to explore and experience the best of this gorgeous island nation in all its glory and colors, then you must visit during the time of Christmas and New Year, and you’ll realize why travelers call Singapore the most exciting holiday destination in Southeast Asia during the winter months of December and January.

If not in winters, you can try visiting Singapore in April when the temperature is moderate and the weather pleasant enough for sightseeing and all the activities that this place is famous for. The offseason, beginning from August and continuing to October, is a splendid time to visiting Singapore and its top tourist attractions. It’s the perfect time to explore Singapore if you do not want to be bothered by a crowd of tourists at every place. It’s also a great time to visit for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts who wish to visit the natural attractions of Singapore since the flora will be in full bloom, the birds and wildlife will be out of their shelters, and there will be green foliage all around. The hotels will also be a lot cheaper during this time as compared to other months.

Here are the best eateries and restaurants located near this iconic building that you can visit during your holiday in Singapore.

1. Seed Park Container Restaurants


A restaurant based close to the river, this is a great café to try out some local cuisines. The ambiance of this place is great. And the food served reflects the authentic Singaporean culture. The interiors of this place are quite creative and soothing to the eyes. And on top of it, the staff of this place is quite friendly and helpful. Also since this place opens till midnight, it is a great place to come for dinner. Prices are reasonable and the food is worth the money.

Location: 50 Punggol East, Singapore 828826
Must try: Tilapia, Seabass, Salmon, and Curry spiced
Google rating: 4.⅖

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2. Express Teppanyaki

Express Teppanyaki

Mr. Hsu Fu Hua founded Express Teppanyaki. A visionary entrepreneur, Hua has literally changed the world of the dining industry. In a very short span of time, this restaurant group has already opened several other new stores in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Apart from offering amazing dining experience, its friendly staff and the cozy ambiance will make your visits truly memorable.

Must Try: Chicken, Steak, Seafood, Fish and Pork
Location: 4 Tampines Central 5 Tampines Mall, Singapore
Cuisine: American, Asian
Cost for Two: INR 1,213/-
Zomato Rating: 2.5/5

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3. Balithai


One of the best restaurants in Tampines, BaliThai restaurant appeals to all your five senses to create a unique and delightful dining experience. Apart from fresh and quality dishes, its prompt services will further make you feel loved and cared for. If you are a food lover, you must plan your visit to this restaurant to accumulate memories for a lifetime.

Must Try: Goong ub Noey, Hor Mok Talay, Combi Baker
Location: 4 Tampines Central 5 Tampines Mall, Singapore
Cuisine: Thai
Cost for Two: INR 1,112/-
Zomato Rating: 3.5/5

4. Menya Musashi Kodou Tampines Mall


Menya Musashi Kodou Tampines Mall is a great option for diners seeking delicious food in comfortable settings in Singapore. The dishes served here are full of flavors. Its tasteful creations make you burst into delight with every single bite you take. The food is prepared using locally grown herbs and spices. Make sure to reserve a table before you reach here.

Must Try: Chicken Items, Mutton, Roti, Rice, Seafood
Location: 4 Tampines Central 5 Tampines Mall, Singapore
Cuisine: Thai, Asian
Cost for Two: INR 1,710/-
Zomato Rating: 2.5/5

5. Nando


If you crave for Indian food while you are on your vacation, Nando’s is one of the best Indian restaurants in Tampines where you can head to. This too could be the perfect gateway in Singapore if you are a lover of chicken recipes. With its large variety of chicken recipes, this restaurant has turned into a must visit place in Singapore. With delicious food items from the multi-cuisines, this restaurant is loved by foodies and most often many of them visit here while traveling in Singapore just to have a taste of the Indian dishes. This is also the place for you if you are looking for halal restaurants in Tampines.

Must Try: Grilled Chicken, Chicken Wings, Wing Roulette
Location: 4 Tampines Central 5 Tampines Mall, Singapore
Cuisine: Halal Non-Vegetarian
Cost for Two: INR 1,011/-
Zomato Rating: 3.5/5

We bet that you want to visit these amazing restaurants near Parkview Square right away! Now that you are aware of all the best dining options near this fabulous attraction in Singapore that you wanted to visit, why don’t you plan a vacation in Singapore via TravelTriangle right away? Make sure you list down these restaurants so that you don’t have to look for them at the last moment and you can have a smooth and hassle-free experience of dining here. And once you’re back, don’t forget to write to us about your memorable trip experience.

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